‘I’d never commissioned a portrait before, but Paul guided me through the process patiently and expertly, keeping in touch as the work progressed with emails and photographs. The finished piece was even better than I’d hoped; everyone who’s seen it has been blown away and we’re thrilled to think that such a lovely thing will hang on our wall for decades to come.’
Paul Roundell – writer of Emmerdale

Painting portraits is my passion. I don’t know why… I just love people and painting faces. I really work hard on capturing the uniqueness of a person, spending many hours working on the portrait. In this respect, a painted portrait is so different than a photograph, because it posses its own aura…, its meaning for the individual for whom it was painted. A good portrait painting will become a cherished heirloom, passed down through the generations, who will look upon it fondly.

Procedure: Please use the form below or go to the contact page if you’d like to give me a call regarding your requirements. It’s very important for me to come and meet you to discuss your commission. This is done at no extra charge. I will take lots of photographs and take notes and will mix some skin tones to ensure I get a good likeness. I will then go back to my studio and keep in contact with you as the work progresses. Once it is finished I will come and present you with the finished portrait.

Commission Prices
Head and Shoulders £1500
Three Quarters £2500
Full Length £3500
There will be a 30% discount for each extra subject in the portrait painting commission.
I also paint pet portraits. Have you ever thought about having yourself and your pet in a portrait painting together? Any questions? Use the form below: