Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits classically painted


Portrait of Bella

This is a portrait of my lovely little girl, Bella. She’s a unique individual and I wanted to show this by painting her without her collar. It’s an oil painting on a linen canvas. As well as painting portraits of people, I paint another love of mine, and that’s pet portraits. I take the same approach as when painting a person’s portrait. I paint with a classical style. This is usually three layers, from dead colouring, to the first painting, and then the final layer of the second painting. I will glaze and scumble if further refinement is needed. Although I prefer to take my own photographs, you might have a picture you already love. You can email me your photographs at:

16” x 12” = GB £1000
20” x 16” = GB £1500
24” x 18” GB £2000
30” x 20” = GB £2500
30” x 24” = GB £3000
36” x 26” = GB £3500
Please add 15% to the prices above for each additional subject in the portrait. For example, if you wanted two subjects painted on the 30” x 20” size canvas then there would be an additional £375 making the total £2875.

The canvas size of 16” x 12” is ideal for a head and chest single portrait. I can paint your pet’s portrait on a different or larger size canvas if you’d prefer. Contact me for a quote.

Martin and Meg Portrait Painting

Martin and Meg

You can email me photographs at: You can call me on: 01267 290918. Please use the form below for your enquiry: