Spiritual Portraits

I’m very passionate about painting a spiritual portrait. I’ve been interested in spiritual subjects for many years, since childhood really. In my early twenties I was invited by a friend to attend a spiritualist church. I was very impressed by several mediums and I sat in a development circle for a while. Then, wanting to know more answers, I discovered Theosophy. I read many interesting books and met a lot of very interesting people. Then I came across the work of Dr Douglas Baker, whom I studied for several years. I’ve also read the Seth books and the writings of William Buhlman. At the moment I’m watching Tom Campbell videos on YouTube and reading his My Big Toe trilogy. I’m interested in all types of spirituality and deeply enjoy painting portraits with depth of meaning.

Particle or Wave

Particle or Wave, or Matter or Spirit

I painted this portrait with the scientific knowledge that light can either be a particle or a wave. We too are the same, both spirit and matter. I was also thinking that our world is a virtual reality. The subject in the portrait has his game controller, alluding to this fact. He could also be having an Out of Body Experience.

If you would like to have a spiritual portrait painted please contact me with your idea. It could be just you with a spiritual you, as above, or you with a spiritual figure you admire painted into the portrait.

Procedure: I put a great deal of time and effort into my portraits. It’s very important for me to meet you and take some reference photos and make references of your skin tones etc., ensuring a good likeness. We can discus how you’d like to be portrayed and what your spiritual interests are. There is no extra charge for this. Once we are happy with everything I’ll give you an expected completion date and keep you updated with the ‘work in progress’. Then when we are both happy I’ll come and present you with the painting.

Commission Prices
Head and Shoulders: £2000
Three Quarters: £3000
Full Length: £4000